Membership Information

Advantages of membership in the Southbay Ski club are many. We have a diverse membership who enjoy a great variety of outdoor activities. We are alpine and nordic skiers, snowboarders, hikers and cyclists. In addition to finding agreeable friends to ski with, the club is affiliated with the Bay Area Snow Sports Council (BAC) and Far West Ski Association (FWSA) so our members are entitled to the many benefits and discounts offered by those organizations.

Members are required to accept responsibility for the lodge care and maintenance, properly execute the opening and closing procedures,report these activities to the club Treasurer or Lodge Chairman and attend at least one general meeting each year. Participation in committees and volunteer support is encouraged.

Want to join?

To provide you with vital information about the club please review the documents below. These are required reading for membership.

1) Bylaws
2) Lodge Rules
3) Courtesies
4) Dues & Fees Schedule

Specific requirements are:

  1. Age 21 or older
  2. Attendance at two club events including at least one general meeting to meet members and let us get to know you.
  3. Visit the Lodge with a member to determine if it meets your needs and expectations.
  4. At the Lodge, become familiar with the Lodge Rules and Policies, and the Club's Bylaws.
  5. Investigate the Maintenance and Repair Binders.
  6. Under the supervision of a member learn winter opening and closing procedures.
  7. Obtain the signature of a sponsoring Southbay Ski Club member, and a certifying member who checked you out on the Opening and Closing Procedures.
  8. Complete the Application for New Membership form and two weeks prior to a club meeting submit as follows.


  1. Completed Application form
  2. Two pictures (like passport photo)of yourself (and each family member, if joining as a family)
  3. Completed required Waiver Form(s) for each family member
  4. Fees: One time initiation fee plus Annual Membership dues, per current Dues and Fee Schedule to the Membership Chair personally at a meeting or by mail to P.O. Box 1431, San Jose, CA 95109

The Membership Committee will evaluate the application and with a favorable recommendation announce your candidacy to the general membership. Then without objection you may be elected to membership at the next regular General Meeting of the Club where you will be presented with a key to the Lodge.

For additional membership information contact:

 For Membership Information
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